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Course in Energetic and Informational Medicine



November 2019


December 2019


  • The course, characterized by an essentially practical approach,offers a complete training in the field of Energetic and Informational Medicine
  • The course will provide the opportunity to learn about effective methods of analysis and treatment by using informational and energy biofeedback systems, with specific bioresonance , analogue, digital and frequencial techniques ,providing safe guidelines for correct use in daily practice
  • The platform that allows you to perform this practice is represented by the Inergetix CoRe System, the most intuitive and complete system existing on the market today
  • Therefore, thanks to its three coordinated systems of endogenous and exogenous bioresonance, it will be possible test and experiment innumerable treatment and observe the changes in real time with techniques of heart rate variability (HRV) and meridian mapping (TMC)
  • The experiences will be modulated on the participants and the techniques that they practice in their profession
  • You will have the opportunity to follow our laboratories in the cities of Rome with a monthly frequency
  • In addition, Bio-t Technologies for Life will provide each participant with a two certificates : the first one certify the participant’s adherence to Quantum Vitae Energetic and Informational Medicine Course , the second one certify the partecipant’s basic knowldege of Inergetix CoRe System.

“I love working with the dynamism and clarity of the CoRe System – mysteries are revealed within minutes, which may have eluded diagnosis for many years previously. Sometimes it can be very simple”

Bonni Southey, Holistic Health Practioner, UK


The course in Energetic and Informational Medicine is a mainly practical course and offers participants the opportunity to deepen their theoretical knowledge by means of a thorough and strictly scientific introduction to quantum medicine.

Participants will be introduced progressively and through concrete examples of the use and functionality that Inergetix CoRe System offers. The course is structured, therefore, in two complementary sessions:

Teaching session

During which the basic concepts of energy, information and frequency are defined. An in-depth explanation follows on bioresonance and its possible therapeutic applications. Subsequently, the aspect of Man-Consciousness-Technology interaction is tackled, interconnected by the principles of quantum physics, going to investigate the effects of this combination in the therapeutic field.
Everything is accompanied by scientific insights and publications as well as interesting and decades-long studies such as the well-known P.E.A.R. (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research) of Princeton University.

Practical session

In this session the previously explained concepts will be tested by practically all participants (volunteers) in order to better understand all the potential of Inergetix CoRe systems (Informational System IS, Frequency System FS and Bioresonance System BS).
The fundamental aspect of this second part of the course consists precisely in the first-person involvement of the participants, who in addition to testing and observing the numerous practical demonstrations, will have the opportunity to confront themselves with the other participants.


“Everything is energy- Everything and everyone has a frequency. Those frequencies that are out of balance with our natural harmony can be identified and removed”

Dr Wayne Dyer- Internationally Renowned Author and spiritual Teacher.


  • All doctors and therapists, who intend to evaluate the Inergetix CoRe system or simply interested in deepening the field of Energetic and Informational Medicine.
  • Specialist Doctors who want to integrate their therapeutic practice for the evaluation and treatment of complex and above all chronic diseases
  • Homeopaths who want to find the simillimum of the person with a simple click
  • Naturopaths who want to create personalized and specific remedies, going to take advantage of the rich database of natural medicine and flower essences available to Inergetix
  • Physiotherapists / Massophysiotherapists / Osteopaths who want to support their manual treatment with the use of the device, thus offering the patient not only pain relief but also lasting support over time
  • Psychologists / Psychiatrists / Psychotherapists who want to access the person’s information system in an easy and fast way, arriving at a mental release that sometimes is immediate
  • Holistic operators of health and well-being who want greater support in the treatment and physical / mental / emotional investigation of the person
  • Veterinarians who want to quickly obtain essential information for the analysis of the animal and the relationship with the owner
  • Acupuncturists and Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) who, through specific modules, will be able to carry out an in-depth evaluation of meridians and acupuncture



  • The difference between the 4 levels of reality, according to the C.I.E.M model: matter – energy – information – consciousness

  • What represent the concepts of frequency and resonance in the biological field

  • Basic elements of quantum physics such as wave-particle dualism, entanglement, the holographic universe and their correlation with biology and medicine

  • The concept of exogenous and endogenous bioresonance

  • How the conscience communicates with particular electronic devices and the scientific study that attests it (Project P.E.A.R. of the University of Princeton)

  • How to quickly access a customer’s key information and how to translate it into a targeted treatment via the Inergetix CoRe System

  • How introduce the Inergetix CoRe System into your daily practice

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